Princess Pearls Teen Mentoring-Empowering Young Girls To Be Confident & Successful Women Of Tomorrow

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During a women’s empowerment event I attended for Sisterhood Sharing Sessions I met the founder of ‘Princess Pearls Mentoring, Inc.’, Devae Moore. I was very impressed with her organization and its mission, “Empowering young girls to be confident & successful women of tomorrow.” What a statement.

As the founder of an organization committed to ‘Women Empowering Women’,  I wanted to promote this non-profit organization and share their upcoming event ‘End Of School Slumber Party’ to be held, Saturday, June 29 – Sunday, June 30, 2019. See details below, and visit Princess Pearls Teen Mentoring Inc. on Facebook to find out ways you can support the event or organization.

About Princess Pearls Teen Mentoring

Princess Pearls Mentoring is dedicated to the self-discovery and empowerment of girls. Our programs serve the most vulnerable girls by addressing such issues as low self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, and poor communication skills.

Monthly workshops expose the girls to:

  • Self-empowering activities
  • Financial literacy
  • Career exploration & planning
  • Community service
  • Conflict management

As a result of participation in workshops, Princess Pearl Mentees have improved communication skills; are making better choices, performing better in school; learned to build resumes, interviewing skills and have better relationships with their parents.

Opportunities To Support

Consider providing a girl the opportunity to participate. To sponsor a girl contact Devae Moore at (704)930-3864 or

Event Details

End Of School Slumber Pool Party (As copied from event info)

Saturday, June 29 – Sunday, June 30, 2019

Workshop Coordinator / Facilitator -Devae Moore

Assistants / Chaperones: Malaysia Penn, Charity Floyd, Markita Smalls, Jackie Cuthrell

Opening Prayer

Introductions            New Members Welcome

Pearl Pledge              New Pearl Pinning

Awards Ceremony

Video Presentation

Mock Interviews

Guest Speaker Ms. Subrina Stugis Hough, Author: From Momma’s House To College


Room Check-in

Facials…..Mary Kay Representative

*Featured Youth-Prenuer:

Guest Speaker Ms. Charity Floyd, Chef / Owner of “A Taste Of…., LLC”


Pool Party!!!!


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