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Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

'Life Lessons Learned' Shared By Everyday Women From Around The World

Our Mission Statement:

'Sisterhood Sharing Sessions' mission is to create access to a virtual centralized platform that offers everyday women from around the world an opportunity to contribute to the empowerment of all women and young girls through the act of sharing 'Life Lessons Learned' from real-life experiences. In addition, lend support to women's causes as a Sisterhood Share Club Contributing Member/Contributor, for the purpose of strengthening and connecting a 'Global Sisterhood' and together as a community of women, leave a 'Collective Legacy of Good.'

Global Sisterhood
Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | Global Sisterhood

Sis·ter·hood-Unity Among Women | Women Empowering Women

Sisterhood Sharing Sessions Movement: Women empowering women through the act of sharing knowledge from 'Life Lessons Learned'.


A Connection

Sharing 'Life Lessons Learned' with a global community of diverse women, bridges a connection with those who make the same commitment to share life lessons, and those who benefit through having access to those shared experiences.

A ‘Life Lesson’ could be related to any circumstance in which you went through something and came out on the other side with experience for what worked well or not so well, a ‘Best Practice’ for life, or a quote or Mantra that motivates.


The Concept:

The concept of 'Sisterhood Sharing Sessions' platform centers around everyday practical 'Life Lessons Learned' shared by amazing everyday women from around the world; from career and finances, health, food & fitness, to handy household tips that may save you time, money, and even frustration. Being a part of a 'Sisterhood' is empowering. Exchanging feedback or ideas on navigating through day-to-day situations that may arise with a bit more ease, or a proven solution is always beneficial. We are all presented with situations that call upon us to make a decision, identify resources, or come up with resolutions that impact our lives. The process of navigating through each situation, and coming up with a creative response, is a lesson. Having an arsenal of day-to-day experiences with proven solutions to pull from, is empowering.

The Premise:

The premise is that we all have experiences that add value and offer a lesson, and in sharing those experiences we enrich and empower the lives of others, as well as our own. That noted, the only prerequisite is that you have a story to share about an experience in which you navigated through, and came out on the other side with a lesson. It's often everyday circumstances, and decisions, that most impact the lives of everyday people. Some experiences may be life-changing, while others naturally are a bit more benign. Some lessons may be simply nice to know or a fun fact, but a lovely 'Life Lesson Learned' just the same. We hope to explore them all.

Knowledge Is Power: 

As we learn, all women have a unique opportunity to 'Empower Forward'. We believe through the act of sharing knowledge from ‘Life Lessons Learned’ with a diverse community of women, you directly contribute to the enrichment and empowerment of all women and young girls who have continual access to view shared lessons.


While 'Sisterhood Sharing Sessions' focus is on practical everyday 'l

Life Lessons Learned' shared by incredible everyday women, we honor, and will routinely recognize wonderful individuals, businesses, or organizations that have made an indelible mark on the lives of so many women. Those whose works, deeds, or lessons and their impact is known and appreciated around the world.


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Sisterhood Sharing Sessions
Power Of Women | Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

            Meet the Creator

Tonya Renee'-Founder & CEO, Sisterhood Sharing Sessions and Sisterhood Share Club

Tonya Renee'

Founder & CEO

Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | Sisterhood Share Club

I started 'Sisterhood Sharing Sessions' as a movement to empower and strengthen a global 'Sisterhood'. By offering a centralized platform where a diverse community of women have continual virtual access to come together to view and share everyday 'Life Lessons Learned', I hope to reinvigorate a sense of unity among all women that is sparked by shared experiences. By sharing 'Life Lessons Learned' with global outreach, together leave a ' Collective Legacy Of Good'.


Quote To Live By: Whatever 'Good' I Can Do

Paraphrase Version

'I shall pass through this life but once. Therefore, whatever good I can do, let me do it now. Let me not defer or delay it, for I shall never pass this way again'.

~Stephen Grellet



Women's Rights Advocate. Proud Pet Parent. Foodie. Sister of the World. Proud 'Contributing Member' of 'Sisterhood Share Club'.


Corporate Global Banking, Compliance, Technology & Operations Executive-Acting on behalf of the Consumer's financial rights.

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