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Sis·ter·hood: Unity Among Women | Women Empowering Women

‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions’ is the original virtual platform offering a standing invitation for women to view and share everyday life lessons learned with a diverse community of women for the purpose of empowering,  strengthening and connecting a ‘Global Sisterhood‘ with occasional opportunities for in-person Life Lessons Learning Seminars and Social Events.

Share and view everyday life lessons on finances and career, health, food & fitness, to relationships, handy household tips, and more.


Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | #LearnEmpowerForward
Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | #LearnEmpowerForward

Knowledge is power

As we learn, all women have a unique opportunity to ‘Empower Forward’. We believe through the act of sharing knowledge from ‘Life Lessons Learned’ with a diverse community of women, you directly contribute to the enrichment and empowerment of all women and young girls who have continual access to view shared lessons.

“Women Empower Forward When They Share Life Lessons Learned” ~Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

Strengthening A Global ‘Sisterhood’

The shared pledge to empower all women through the act of sharing personal ‘Life Lessons Learned’ with a diverse community of women, offers a sense of continual connectedness among all who participate, strengthening a ‘Global Sisterhood’.

Share Your Lesson

Empower And Inspire Women | Share Life Lessons Learned


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