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Obtain And Maintain Healthy Natural Hair

A real conversation about the simple steps to obtain and maintain healthy natural hair without breaking the bank.  I sat down with Sisterhood Share Club Contributor and Naturalista, Amber J. Acton. She shares her regimen for obtaining and maintaining her beautiful healthy natural hair, and ‘Lushious‘ curls. She also shares some of her favorite products and homemade hair-healthy ingredients that really get to the ‘Roots’ of healthy hair.

Healthy Natural Hair Regimen

4-Simple Steps To Healthy Hair

During our conversation, Amber of ‘Amber Lushious Curls’, shares her healthy hair journey and the secrets to getting the style you desire every time. A Black Women’s guide to healthy hair.

Amber’s best practices for any hair care or styling routine:


2-Condition (Critical Step)

3-Styling Process (How To Get The Style You Want)


Product Junkie | Careful With Coins

Amber, like many women, admits to buying every recommended product in a hair care line, which can be quite costly and unnecessary. She warns, “We really have to be smart on where we are spending our coins. You don’t need Deep Condition and Conditioner from a line. Just pick one. You don’t need all three of a Styling Product from a line. Just pick one.”

View Full Original Video:   Simple Steps To Obtain And Maintain Healthy Natural Hair. The step-by-step process from ‘Wash to Style’.

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