How To Add Logo To YouTube Videos And Images
How To Add Logo To YouTube Videos And Images
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What I’ve Learned

When it comes to ways to protect your brand or intellectual property in today’s environment, it is close to impossible to do. What I’ve learned, always brand your work.  Add your logo to videos and images you originate or create. While this is not a guarantee, it helps. (Applying for a Copyright and/or Patent usually recommended for the best protection. Seek legal or other council for confirmation of process and necessity).

What Is Intellectual Property?: Property (such as an idea, invention, or process) that derives from the work of the mind or intellect; also-an application, right, or registration relating to this. Source (Merriam Webster)

Blurred Lines

These days the culture seems to be, there is no shame in taking what does not belong to you. With social media success, it makes it easy, and sometimes unclear on just what you can share without impeding on someone’s brand or intellectual property. I’ll admit, there are too many blurred lines for me to comment with confidence. And, so I won’t go there.

How To Add Logo To Videos And Images

So, for Creators the question becomes, how to brand your work to best protect your intellectual property?. While nothing is full proof, I’ve learned to always brand my work with my watermark that denotes ownership or originator. The process on how to add logo to YouTube videos and images is simple. First step, if you have not already done so Convert Your Logo Into A ‘Watermark’ for ease of Branding versatility and save in file.

Add Transparent Logo To Images Using Photoshop CS6

  1. Upload your Logo/Watermark into Photoshop CS6
  2. Upload the image in which to place the Logo/Watermark
  3.  Click on the ‘Rectangular Marquee Tool’ and trace image to select, then use edit ‘Copy/Paste’ function to place the Logo/Watermark in desired location on the image
  4. ‘Resize’ Logo/Watermark with use of ‘Move Tool’ by grabbing and dragging the corners with your mouse to desired size
  5. Choose to keep full transparency of Logo/Watermark or adjust with use of  ‘Opacity Tool’ to better blend with image by decreasing from 100 down to desired transparency
Add Logo To YouTube Videos

  1. Go To Your YouTube Channel, choose ‘Creator Studio’
  2. Choose ‘Channel’ drop-down menu on left panel
  3. Choose ‘Branding’
  4. Choose ‘Add Watermark’ To upload and save your ‘Logo’ (Must be PNG or GIF format no larger than 1MB or 1020×1024 PNG)
  5. Adjust video start time

That’s it. You are now in a better position to protect your brand. Your ‘Logo Watermark’ will now show on all new video uploads, as well as any existing videos already uploaded to YouTube.

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