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Career And Business

Posts for this category offer everyday ‘Life Lessons Learned’ about Career and Business experiences. Reviewing strategies that are beneficial in setting expectations and achieving Career and Business goals. The role and significance of ‘Soft Skills’ verses ‘Skill Sets’, Business Acumen, Education and beyond.

We will capture and share lessons learned for simple Career and Business strategies that can translate in any work environment or Business.

Sub Category: Pink Suits Sisterhood-Female Execs

In our ‘Pink Suits Sisterhood’ category posts, current and former Female Executives share their career experiences and life lessons learned as women navigating the climb to the top of the Corporate Ladder. A commission historically reserved for men only. We will explore the good, the bad, and at times the not-so-pretty view at the top. 

We will also share career strategies for success in obtaining and maintaining your footing, in your desired position. Most importantly, share anecdotal direction for staying balanced, so you can enjoy the experience.  Sharing women’s wisdom on awareness of any unlevel landscape, and knowing when it’s time to step down off the proverbial ‘Ladder’ before the fall, unscathed.


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