Black History Month-Women Trailblazers

Black Women Trailblazers

During Black History Month, Sisterhood Sharing Sessions honors the brilliantly bold, and brave ‘Black Women Trailblazers’, who throughout history have paved the way for all women to rise up and meet the full promise of their greatness.

As an exercise in Black History, think about your own six degrees of separation from these amazing women, and feel connected to your heritage.

Black History Month

A special look towards all of the unsung Black Women warriors across generations. Those amazing women, who have inspired and continue to inspire, hope and perseverance through the measure of their own life experiences and resilience. These Wives,  Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, and Aunts, are leaving a legacy of a new generation of empowered, and proud Black Women and Black Men.

We continue to encourage our Sisterhood Share Club to look into their Family Tree and discover the many ways the women in your lineage have been true Trailblazers and warriors in their own right, as you define life accomplishments.

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