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What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned how to take a voice activated picture or video with my fur babies without getting tangled in their leash, simply by using the voice activated feature of my Android camera.

Getting The Shot

As a proud Pet Parent, I am constantly taking pics of my precious pooches. However, trying to get the shot while out and about holding leashes and water bottles can prove challenging at times. Also, as much as I love my four-legged Babies, sometimes I happen upon other fascinating creatures during our walk along the way and want to capture the moment. Again, being tethered to my dogs by a leash, coupled with their resistance makes getting ‘The Shot’ close to impossible.

Take A Voice Activated Picture Or Video

Take A Voice Activated Pictures And Videos
Take A Voice Activated Pictures And Videos

Taking a voice-activated picture or video, or even a Selfie is easy. All you need to do is activate the ‘Voice Control‘ feature from your ‘Camera’ settings.

Warning: It appears this feature is indiscriminately disabled at times due to standard updates. Recommended you check that the feature is still activated before each use.

Quick Three-Step Process

  1. From your cell phone (Android) go to ‘CAMERA’
    Then ‘SETTINGS’
  2. Click on ‘QUICK LAUNCH’, swipe button to on position (Blue). This allows you to quickly turn the camera on by clicking the ‘Home Key’ twice.
  3. Click on ‘VOICE CONTROL’, swipe button to on position (Blue). This allows you to take a picture with the voice command using any of the following: ‘Smile’, ‘Cheese’, ‘Capture’, or ‘Shoot’. Or you may record video with voice command ‘Record Video’.

That’s it. You can now capture more pictures and videos with ease using a voice command. Should you wish to have this feature turned off, simply reverse the process.

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