How to Properly Peel And Eat A Banana-Fun Food Facts

How To Property Peel And Eat a Banana
Fun Food Facts | How To Properly Peel And Eat A Banana
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How to Properly Peel And Eat A Banana

How to properly peel and eat a banana from an unlikely source. I literally learned this from a monkey. While watching one of the National Geographic channels, they featured monkeys in their natural habitat, dining on one of their favorite fruits, and mine, a banana.  The segment specifically pointed out how as humans, we generally peel a banana from the pointed stem, rather than the flat bottom. Conversely, monkeys use the stem like a popsicle stick, if you will, to hold the banana while taking full advantage and access to every delicious available bite.

So, while I may revert back to my old human habits every now and again, much prefer the monkey’s method on how to properly peel, and eat a banana.

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