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Reduce Vet Bills
Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | Life Lessons Learned | Pet Parenting Tips: Reduce vet Bills

What I’ve Learned About How To Reduce Vet Bills

Local Vet

I had been a Pet Parent for a long while before I understood there were opportunities to greatly reduce Vet bills. If you are like most Pet Parents, you routinely take your pet to the Vet for exams. Well, this can be costly to say the least. An appointment fee alone averages $35-$45, and you haven’t even calculated in the cost of standard vaccines and preventative Meds that keep them healthy. Now times all cost by two or more if you have multiple pets.

Humane Society

As an alternative to visiting your local Vet take your pet to the local Humane Society instead and save money. There is no appointment required at their Health and Wellness Clinic, hence no appointment fee, automatically saving you a minimum of $35-$45 and that’s just the beginning. The Clinic offers the same brand of Flea/Tick and Heartworm prevention typically less expensive than your local Vet and other Animal Clinics. In addition, they administer low-cost vaccines that includes Feline FIV/FELV and  Canine Heartworm testing (you must provide proof of your pet’s recent negative heart worm test). Spay and Neuter procedures are drastically reduced, with an average cost of $50 compared to twice or even three times that amount at the Vet or other Animal Clinics offering the same service. Of course this cost will vary by state. If you adopted your pet, more than likely The Humane Society is where you picked up your little pooch, so the familiarity is comforting for you and your baby.

Worth The Wait

Be prepared for a wait for your pet’s exam visit, as it is first come first serve on the designated day determined by your local Humane Society. Taking your pet to their Wellness Clinic is a great service for saving money, and your pets gets to socialize which is a win for you and your pet.

I’ve learned that in the pursuit of being a caring and responsible Pet Parent we sometimes associate and expect high-cost Vet care as being the best for our pets. Other times, we focus on convenience of location. As such we often overlook alternatives to reduce Vet bills, and miss out on ways to appreciate Pet Parenting even more.

Note: Contact your local Humane Society for opportunities for this service in your area.
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