Sisterhood Short Share | Women’s Health-Use Foot To Flush

Use Foot To Flush
Sisterhood Short Share | Women’s Health-Use Foot To Flush
Power Of Women | Sisterhood Short Share: Women’s Health-Use Foot To Flush

Use Foot To Flush

Outside or public bathrooms in general get a lot of traffic. As a best practice, hover and use foot to flush.

The Debate

So, why this little tid bit of information on the debate of flushing? Believe it or not there is much debate over whether or not to use, or not to use your foot to flush. A google search offers almost 40 million search results on the topic. Those opposed, and those in favor have very different views on the subject. The long and short, it’s about germ avoidance and whether an over exposure to germs, or type of germs has the potential to bring about health issues.

Those against using your foot to flush, argue a simple hand wash will kill any germs. While those in favor, such as myself, argue it’s hard to get past the thought of what you may be coming in contact with by touching the handle to flush, and if all can be discarded with a simple washing of the hands.  So, now and forever, team foot.

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