Sisterhood Summer Slim-Down | Sisterhood Sharing Sessions
Sisterhood Summer Slim-Down | Sisterhood Sharing Sessions
Sisterhood Sharing Sessions| Women Sharing Knowledge Meetup-Health, Food & Fitness | Sisterhood Summer Slim-Down: Weight loss Solutions For Everyday Women

Sisterhood Summer Slim-Down

Join Us Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 10-12 p.m. for our Sisterhood Saturday Session. During this Women Sharing Knowledge Meetup ‘Sisterhood Summer Slim-Down’ session, I will share successes regarding a personal ‘Health, Food, and Fitness plan that will include specific meals, workout routine, and other factors that led to an 18 lbs weight loss in just 32 days. No Gym, fad diets, pills or paid food plans required. Just good eats, walking, and a routine for meal intake. Pretty painless.

What You Can Expect

As always, just have fun! Come prepared to share ‘Best Practices‘ that have worked for your personal health and fitness plan, or questions you may have for others. This could be meals, types of food, exercise regimen, or other habits that proved successful, or you wish to know more about. No one size fits all. We simply hope to share solutions that may fit your personal preferences for overall fitness for everyday women.

Meetup Details

Please visit ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | Women Sharing Knowledge Meetup’ portal for additional details for this ‘Sisterhood Summer Slim-Down’ session, and find location and directions to venue once available. RSVP is required for all interested in joining our Sisterhood Saturday Sharing Sessions. RSVP close date for an opportunity to attend this event is Friday July 27th. Seats are limited.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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