Pet Parenting Tips | The Essentials Of Water For Dog Walks & Pooch ‘Poop Bag’ Benefits


What I’ve Learned About The Essentials of Water For Dog Walks

Our precious pets need lots of water every day. Water is important for a dog’s overall health and well-being. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a Pet Parent is the essentials of water for dog walks. Always bring water for your dog on walks, no matter the temperature. Water helps regulate their body temperature.

Essentials Of Water For Dog WalkPet Parenting Tips | The Essentials Of Water For Dog Walks

If temperatures were cool and I was comfortable and not feeling thirsty, it was easy to forget my dog might be feeling differently. I learned from monitoring a neighbor and good friend who always brought plenty of water on our dog walks, that while temperatures may be moderate in the 50’s, 60’s, or low 70’s and feels great for people, dogs are carrying a year-round coat that can become uncomfortably hot. After paying more attention, I realized that  temperatures may appear cooler than they are behind shades and a hat with a visor as protection for Pet Parents. For pets, water is their only protection from the elements.

While my dog-walking partner never mentioned anything to me about bringing water for every walk, I finally got the message. I later passed the lesson on to a new Pet Parent. Like my neighbor, I shared my dog’s water during our walks. One day she realized her pup accepted the water every time. From then on, it was water every walk for her little one.

Panting Is Crucial For Dogs

Even on cool days a dog’s body temperature can escalate from extended time outside or from play very quickly. Dog’s don’t have the ability to perspire as a form of cooling down their body temperature, they need to pant. Panting is crucial for dogs to regulate their body temperature, and cold water helps with that process.  I learned from my baby boy not to mistake an initial decline to drink water as a sign your pup is ok. They need to focus on regulating their body temperature, and may find a cool spot to continue that process before being ready for water.

Forgot Dog’s Water Bowl For Walk-No Worries, Use Pooch’s ‘Poop Bag’

A video 'Share' from Robbie of his baby girl 'Annie'. His feedback on the lesson to use 'Poop Bag' for water bowl: "Annie was very thirsty as you can tell. Your tip came in handy-A life savor actually."

In preparation for your dog’s walk if you forget the water bowl, no worries. I’ve learned your pooch’s ‘Poop Bag’ doubles perfectly as a water bowl when you leave yours hanging on the door handle. Simply fill the bag with water from the park’s bathroom faucet or find an outside fountain. Once your parched pooch has quenched its thirst, turn the bag inside out to dry. The ‘Poop Bag’ is now ready for reuse or repurposing.

As a recap and in conclusion, I’ve learned for the health of my pup to always bring water on dog walks no matter the temperature outside.

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