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Best Practice: Turn Off Location Tags For Safe Sharing Of Images and Videos

It’s nice sharing pictures and videos with friends and family instantaneously from your cell phone directly to theirs the minute you snap the pic or make a video. While you may not care that family or friends see location information, posting images on social media is a different situation. Social media accounts offer access to a broader audience, you may or may not know. Outside of my social network, I make it a best practice to turn off location tags for safe sharing of images and video and direct the same from my circle of friends.

How To Tech-Talks | Turn Off Location For Images And VIdeo
How To Turn Off Location Tags For Safe Sharing Of Images And Video

Three Step Process To Turn Off Location Tag/Tracker

The process for turning off location tag/ tracker for images and videos taken from your cellular device is easy. Three simple steps:

  1. From your cell phone (Android) go to ‘CAMERA’
  2. Then ‘SETTINGS’
  3. Click on ‘LOCATION’, swipe button to ‘Off’ position

That’s it. Your images and videos will no longer track or show location in the ‘Details’ section of your image/videos. Should you wish to have this feature turned back on for your own personal history or for pics going directly to family or friends, follow the same process steps to ‘Turn On’ the feature.

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