Sisterhood Shares Life Lessons Learned | A Walk Along The  Way-Notice Nature Series: Blue Heron And Dining Ducks

What I’ve Learned

As I happen upon a hidden Cove and see a Blue Heron and a group of dining Ducks going about their daily routine I realized, no matter how often I see animals in their natural habitat it never gets old.

Blue Heron and Dining Ducks
Hidden Cove

Blue Heron and Dining Ducks

During a walk along the way, I venture down a hidden Cove. Just as I enter the opening, a Great Blue Heron takes flight across the Lake and disappears in the trees on the other side. As I pan my camera down I witness a group of Ducks approaching the shore. Once on shore, they proceed to devour the blades of grass stuck in a mess of mud.

It appeared at some point the Ducks tired of routinely cleaning mud off their beaks in order to continue their meal, and so they began chowing down on leaves from tree branches and grass in or near the water instead.

Notice Nature | A Lesson

“Life can be blistering and at times chaotic and just plain loud, but it is always beautiful. During a walk along the way, always take time to Notice Nature in its naturally naked nature form”.

~Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

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