‘How To’ Turn On Irrigation System After Winter Maintenance Shut Off

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What I’ve Learned

It is recommended you winterize your Irrigation System by performing a complete shut off while Sprinkler System is not in use to avoid a burst pipes due to freezing.  Be aware, there is a Contractor cost to turn on Irrigation System after winter maintenance shut off. What I’ve learned, how to turn on Irrigation System yourself after winter maintenance, (DIY) and save money.

‘How To’ Turn On Irrigation System After Winter Maintenance Shut Off

Turn On Irrigation System
How To Turn On Irrigation System After Winter Maintenance

If your home has an ‘Irrigation System’ Contractors recommend you shut it down completely for the winter to avoid pipes from freezing. Watch video filmed by Sisterhood Sharing Sessions that shows a Contractor walking through each step of the process of how to turn on ‘Irrigation System’ after winter maintenance shut off so you may begin your spring lawn care.

Be Aware Of Contractor Cost And Service Practices

DIY Home Maintenance | Irrigation System
Be Aware Of Contractor Cost And Service Practices

Contractor Cost

The video above was filmed by ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions’ as a result of the Contractor shutting off the ‘Irrigation System’ for winter maintenance without consulting or gaining permission from anyone in the household. Upon request to turn the system back on for lawn care season, I was informed by the Contractor there is usually a charge associated with that service.  He went on to explain, there is a Contractor cost to shut off Irrigation System for winter maintenance (He did not charge for, or inform of shut off), and a cost to turn the system back on.

Contractor’s Service Practices

While a Contractor’s service practices of completing a service without the homeowners permission, in this case, performing a complete shut off of Irrigation System then setting a cost to reverse the service that was never requested may appear highly inappropriate and questionable, I gave the Contractor the benefit of the doubt. I credited him as simply taking initiative to perform the service in order to maintain the new portion of the system he just installed (Independent Water Supply Shut Off Valve).

NOTE: A Contractor's service practices and routine for servicing customers may vary based on clientele. Some customers may prefer and expect the Contractor take initiative. Consult with Contractor and redirect the expectation to fit your service needs.

Negotiate Desired Outcome And Set Expectations For Service

Redirect Expectation

That said, I respectfully addressed my concerns with the Contractor that the homeowner should be informed, and offered an option to have the system shut off for winterizing. This disclosure is even more important when there is a cost for the maintenance required to turn the Irrigation System back on before your Sprinkler System will operate and provide water for your lawn. In any circumstance, the expectation is that express permission always be granted prior to any service completion.


I only found out this winterization service had been performed when I went to turn on the Sprinkler System for spring lawn maintenance and it did not come on. Given the circumstances, I thought it appropriate to negotiate, and requested there be no charge or service maintenance fee to turn the Irrigation System back on. Further, I requested I record the process and have the option in the future to make the decision to do it myself, or retain his services.

Desired Outcome

The Contractor had no push back regarding either request. The desired outcome was met. He was willing to oblige. He made sure I understood every aspect of the process. During the video recording, he explained each step and offered an education on the importance of performing the winter maintenance process.

Note: Regardless of outcome, the customer will always have the decision whether or not to retain Contractor for future service needs.

Do It Yourself-DIY | Save Money

As you can see from the video, Irrigation System Maintenance is a process that, as a home owner you can very easily do it yourself (DIY) with minimal tools if you are so inclined and want to save money.

The portion of the video that describes the loosening of the bolts and screws for the winter maintenance shut off, is the extra step that constitutes a full or complete system shut down. While this step may be eliminated, Contractors argue, it may increase the likelihood of pipe damage due to freezing temperatures.

One-Step Option: How To Turn Sprinkler Irrigation System Valves On and Off

How To Turn On Sprinkler Irrigation System Valves
How To Turn Sprinkler Irrigation System Valves On And Off

The choice to limit the complete winterization process to shutting  off Sprinkler Irrigation System water valves only for winter maintenance is the choice of the home owner. The diagram above shows the simple one-step option of how to turn Sprinkler Irrigation System valves on and off. This is the only process I personally have performed for years  and have never encountered any burst pipes due to freezing.

That said, know your area and act according to temperatures and other factors to understand best process for your home ‘Irrigation System’ maintenance. Even though you may know how to do it yourself, you may prefer to invest in a Contractor’s services.

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