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Parenting | A Mother's Love
A Mother’s Love | Being Present Through The Pain
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What I’ve Learned

Sometimes the most important aspect of a Mother’s love is being present through the pain:

‘All I could do is just be there for her’.

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All I Could Do Is Just Be There For Her

My daughter just had her first child and everything looked well. He was six (6) pounds and appeared to be a normal, healthy baby. After three weeks, he developed a fever. He spent the last two weeks of his short life in the hospital. Even being a mother myself, I had no idea the pain that she was going through and all I could do is just be there for her.

Due to the nature of my grandson’s death, my daughter was told she needed to go to a Genetics Clinic, which we did. After testing, the Clinic diagnosed that her first baby died from a disease brought about by a Genetic Disorder that may predispose every child she would have after to the same fate or medical challenges. At the time my daughter received this news, she was already pregnant again and the medical professionals suggested she abort her child.

A Dream

Mother | Baby Boy
A Dream | Baby Boy

As her Mother, I shared with my daughter that the Lord came to me in a dream and in this dream he showed me that the baby that she was carrying was going to be all right. She decided to have her baby despite the doctor’s professional opinion to abort.  That child, her son, is now 18 years of age.

Living After A Loss

I thank the Lord for my grandchildren, the one that he took and the other two that he gave us. To this day, my daughter still grieves the loss of her first born child, nineteen years later.  In spite of the insurmountable pain, she has been able to move on, and to go on and know that life is worth living after a loss.  You never forget but it does get easier with each day that passes.

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