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What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned there is nothing quite as beautiful as the majestic North Carolina  Great Blue Heron in flight. The sight of this Big Blue Beauty soaring through the air with its magnificent wings stretched out against the sky simply took my breath away.

Blue Heron In Flight

Great Blue Heron In Flight
Great Blue Heron In Flight


During a walk along the way, I captured this Majestic Great Blue Heron soaring across a North Carolina Lake. Later I happened upon the same Blue Heron hunkering in a Hayfield just before taking flight. There was no running start required for this Big Bird before take-off. The Heron simply took a few deliberate steps forward, then pressed its body down and back up, and away it went towards the sky. The take-off seemed effortless. Once in the air, its expansive wings carried the Heron up to the sky and across the Lake with minimal movement. With wings extended, it floated on the wind the rest of the way. The flight was short but worth witnessing.

In Flight

As I moved in to take a closer look at this Great Blue Bird hoping to capture another flight, the Heron proceeds to growl, strut, and ruffle its feathers. A form of communication signaling a warning to anyone or anything too close for comfort to ‘Back Off’. Before heeding the Heron’s warning, I capture another take-off and ascent into the clear blue skies, followed by a graceful landing on the other side of the Lake.

There is nothing quite like the sight of a Great Blue Heron in flight. It’s magical. Once the Heron takes off, the graceful flow of its wings flapping in unison appears to mimic what it might be like to visualize music soaring to the next range. It’s a surreal experience. Once you see it, you’ll never forget it.

Nature-Naturally Naked

“Life can be blistering and at times chaotic and just plain loud, but it is always beautiful. During a walk along the way, always take time to ‘Notice Nature‘ in its Naturally Naked form”. ~Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

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