Sisterhood Shares Life Lessons Learned-A Walk Along The Way-Notice Nature Series: Blue Heron Foraging For Fish

What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned a Blue Heron foraging for Fish is serious business and requires great concentration. Having dueling dogs nearby disrupts the process.

Heron Foraging For Fish

Great Blue Heron Foraging For Fish
Great Blue Heron Foraging For Fish

Nose Dive For Dinner

During a walk along the way with my dogs in tow, I happened upon this Majestic Great Blue Heron foraging for Fish in the Lake. A beautiful sight. The dogs were a bit of a distraction for the Big Blue Bird. As the Heron heard the Dogs wading in the water nearby, it stretched out its neck and turned its head to see what the heck was happening.

While the constant swishing sounds from the waves of water were distracting, it did not warrant any further investigation on the part of the Great Blue Heron and so it continued to nose dive for dinner.

Dueling Dogs

At some point my precocious Pooches tired of wading in the water. They decided it was time to divert my attention back to them and away from the Big Blue Bird who had commanded it longer than they were willing to allow. Agitated with me and one another, they determined dueling it out would hopefully redirect my attention to them. And so, a Dog fight soon ensued. The Heron heard the aggressive growls coming from across the Lake, and stopped its food-finding mission to investigate the disturbance.

As the Dog’s barks bellowed through the air, the Heron tentatively took two steps back to better assess what it was hearing and if it should fly for cover. No longer able to focus, ultimately my dueling Dogs disrupted the Great Blue Heron’s forage for food altogether.

Nature-Naturally Naked

“Life can be blistering and at times chaotic and just plain loud, but it is always beautiful. During a walk along the way, always take time to ‘Notice Nature‘ in its Naturally Naked form”. ~Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

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