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Minimalistic Lifestyle: Freedom And Happiness

During a Sisterhood Sharing Sessions ‘Life Lessons Learning Series’ Meetup on Minimalism & Downsizing, held Saturday, May 11, 2019, Minimalist, Debra Benson offered clarifying points on the myths and benefits of Minimalism. She spoke personally about her journey towards Minimalism. Declaring a Minimalistic Lifestyle goes beyond material possessions or ‘Stuff’. Rather, its core principle is intentionally embracing changes that promote the freedom and happiness many are seeking through simplicity and frugality.

Minimalistic Lifestyle
Minimalistic Lifestyle: Freedom And Happiness

Debra shared how embracing the benefits of Minimalism, provided her with “A life path of less stress, less distraction, and more time to take chances and chase my dreams”.

The personal lessons Debra shared during this Sisterhood Session were profound and transformative. Anyone seeking a more fulfilled life will hopefully find her experience as a Minimalist, and how and why she came to choose this lifestyle, inspiring. I know I did.

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~Debra Benson, North Carolina-Sisterhood Share Club Contributor/Contributing Member.

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