Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day | Life Lessons Learned: The Book Of Jane Series

Mother’s Day

Dear Mother,

You Never Sat Me Down To Talk Or Teach Me Anything About…

 Credit Management, yet I was able to achieve ‘Exceptional’ credit.

 Money Management, yet I was able to ‘Budget and Save ’, to achieve and maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

 Community Activism, yet I take ‘Civic Pride’ in Volunteerism and other Civic Engagement.

 Integrity, yet I am passionate about always ‘Doing The Right Thing’.

 Compassion, yet I have sustained ‘Life-long’ and valuable relationships.

 A Strong Work Ethic, yet I achieved ‘Career Success’.

I was able to learn and achieve by watching you and understanding there is any number of ways to share ‘Life Lessons Learned’. Often times we take credit for all that we accomplish in this life, forgetting the moments or subtle lessons continually injected into our physique through observation.

For example, remembering a Parent sitting down at the kitchen table paying the bills each month fuels the flame for knowing the importance of taking care of credit obligations in a timely manner.

Observing a parent stretching a dollar seemingly beyond its fiscal value,  and being offered the musical mantra, “Make a dollar save a dollar”. A catchphrase that plays on in your head well beyond the moment it was uttered, evoking the importance of saving as a life practice.

Watching a parent rise day in and day out to go work a job or jobs to ensure food is always on the table, and clothes are always on the backs of their children, inspires a strong work ethic. Knowing no matter what, you just keep putting one foot in front of the other because giving up is not an option.

Just a few examples of the more practical applications or life lessons our Mothers give to us that may have a delayed acknowledgment, but has a significant impact on our life and our ability to navigate through it on our own, fulfilled.

Sometimes the best life lessons aren’t accompanied by a formal sit down conversation, rather the power of observation and meaningful moments. Thank you for always teaching or leading by example.

~Happy Mother’s Day.

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