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Weight Loss Solutions

During our Sisterhood Summer Slim-DownSonic Session’ held in July 2018,  women openly shared life lessons learned for losing weight on their own terms.  Among the women who shared weight loss solutions, weight loss ranged from 18, and up to 60 pounds. The weight loss success stories shared were as diverse as the women.  Health plans included Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Weight Watchers’ program, Live Strong online option, to do it yourself (DIY) healthy eating and weight loss plans.

Of the women who shared their lessons, each identified health plans that worked best for their individual needs and lifestyle. For some, and like many, it took several attempts before settling on the right health plan.

Women Share Weight Loss Solutions | Sisterhood SONIC SessionsWomen Share Weight Loss Solutions

Individual Health Plans

The differences in individual health plans prove no one size fits all when it comes to healthy living. Highlights and overarching themes for weight loss success as shared by each of the women are below:

  • Michelle talked about being consistent, and not beating yourself up for every little setback (Weight Watchers Program).
  • Tonya talked about exchanging unhealthy cravings for healthy cravings, and the importance of inspecting what you expect (Live Strong Online Program).
  • Sheila talked about the importance of researching different healthy food and weight loss options and choosing what works best for your personal situation (DIY Health Plan)
  • Diane talked about the tasty alternatives found in vegetables and the importance of making them appealing to more easily incorporate into your meal plan.

Listen to Sisterhood SONIC Series found under ‘Sisterhood Share Shorts | Health, Food & Fitness’ video playlist. Each of the women describes in more detail their specific personal weight loss challenges and ultimate ‘Health Plan’ success.

Audio Shares-Sisterhood ‘SONIC’ Session

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“Women empower forward when they share ‘Life Lessons Learned’ ~Sisterhood Sharing Sessions

Disclaimer: Sisterhood Sharing Sessions has no affiliation with any health programs or businesses referenced in the sharing session. Life lessons shared are informational and educational only, based on actual individual experiences.

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