Walk A Mile In Her Shoes-April 2019
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes To Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence | Sisterhood Sharing Sessions, Inc. Proud Sponsor 2019

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Join us, view Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ®  website event page under ‘Sisterhood Share Club’ to find out how to support and participate in this important community event to raise awareness about sexual violence with our team,  Saturday, April 27th. The walk begins at 10:00 a.m., registration at 9:00. Awards presentation and an ‘After Party’  begins at 12:00 noon. The event walk will take place at NoDa Brewing Company, located at 2921 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte NC.

April is ‘Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month’ (SAAM | SAAPM). ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions, Inc.’ is honored for an opportunity to sponsor and participate in a ‘Safe Alliance’ Charlotte event to bring awareness to a very serious epidemic in our society.

‘Sisterhood Share Club’ Contributors are looking forward to meeting and helping the wonderful men choosing to ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’ stay on their feet in high-heels, as they take a stand against intimate partner violence, and support programs that empower women and any individual impacted by this disturbing epidemic.

The Origin Of The Event

First, You Walk the Walk

There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes | Bring Awareness To Sexual Violence
First, Walk The Walk

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ® was formed in 2001 as a small group of men tottering around in heels to raise awareness about sexual violence. Today, the event has tens of thousands of participants internationally, raising millions of dollars for rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, and other sexualized violence education and prevention programs.

Opening communication about sexual violence is critical in our community. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get people talking about this challenging, personal, and often unfamiliar topic. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ® provides us the opportunity to get talking by improving gender relations and demonstrating that everyone can be a valuable partner in helping to make our world a safer place. All proceeds from the event will benefit ‘Safe Alliance’ directly.

Visit ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions’ | Charlotte Meetup portal for details regarding RSVP for a collective team walk in this ‘Safe Alliance’ Charlotte event or view post for other ways to ‘Support SAAM’ through organizations committed to empowering women and combating sexual violence.

Event Details: From the page of ‘Safe Alliance Events’

Logos: Courtesy: Walk A Mile In Her Shoes | Safe Alliance

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