Save Money | Turn Off Fireplace Pilot Light
Save Money | Turn Off Fireplace Pilot Light
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Turn Off Fireplace Pilot Light

Save money and turn off the Fireplace pilot light when not in use. As a part of Sisterhood Saving Solutions for everyday living, monitor your bills for any unusual cost on an ongoing basis.  Document any abnormalities, and investigate the source.

Monitor Off-Season Natural Gas Usage

Monitor off-season Natural Gas usage. During the summer months, your heating bill should be lower than in the winter months if you heat your home with Natural Gas but have an Electric Cooling System. Your Hot Water Heater may be powered by Natural Gas, and that would explain heat usage associated with your water bill. Beyond that, you should notice an average cost during the off-season for heating service payments.

If you use cold water more than hot, but discover your bill is higher than it should be, investigate. The Fireplace may be the culprit. Even if your Gas Fireplace is not in use, you are being billed for usage generated from the Pilot Light. The average monthly cost can be as high as $15. That’s a cost of $180 per year and $900 over a five-year period for hidden cost with no benefit to you. If you are like most homeowners, the fireplace is nice, but it’s mainly for aesthetics. And who wants to pay for that.

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