Close Mobile Apps And Save Money
Close Mobile Apps And Save Money
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Close Mobile Apps

If you want to reduce your Cellular Bill, simply close Mobile Apps and save money.

Open Apps Cost

It may seem like a simple saving solution to simply close all Apps not in use before exiting your Cell Phone because it is. However, many are unaware that open Apps cost you money in Data Usage. Switching from one App to the other via your Mobile Device is easy. As well, having multiple Apps open simultaneously is convenient. The challenge is, after viewing multiple Apps, one tends to only close the last App viewed, leaving all others open, and impacted by your phone’s Data Usage Plan.

Monitor Your Bill 

Monitor your Cell Phone Bill for any unusual cost outside of your Mobile Phone’s Data Usage Plan. Any Plan offers a consistent cost for Data Usage as long as you stay within the Mobile Plan Minutes. If you are diligent in staying within Plan Minutes, yet your Cell Phone Bill continues to exceed Plan cost, investigate to identify the culprit. If the additional cost is due to open Apps, your Mobile Service Provider may not be able to readily identify the issue.  You must be your own advocate and eliminate all other possibilities based on your knowledge of how you use your Mobile Phone.

If you suspect you have been leaving Apps open, begin closing consistently, then review your Bill for change in cost.

Save Money

So, to save money, be sure to routinely view your Open App Screen, and close all Mobile Apps before putting your phone away. In addition, use your Wi-Fi connection when surfing the web from home to avoid Data Usage on your Mobile Plan. I learned that just by leaving Apps open, that can cost you on average $10 per month as Data Usage. That’s $120 per year and $600 over a five-year period for a service cost impact in which there is no benefit for you.

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