Sisterhood Session: A Day Of Socializing And Sharing
Sisterhood Session: A Day Of Socializing And Sharing

Socialize & Share ‘Life Lessons Learned’

Join our ‘Sisterhood Session’ for a day of socializing & sharing ‘Life Lessons’ with a community of amazing women, to support, empower & inspire, Saturday, April 13, 2019. We want to hear from you. Come prepared to share your ‘Life Lessons’. Any and all topics are on the table. Nothing is too benign.

Below are a few wonderful responses from Sisterhood Share Club ‘Contributors’ to the question ‘why you joined‘ a ‘Women’s Learning & Empowerment Social Network’:

DEB: It is my life’s purpose and passion to empower people, especially women to live their best life in their best health and as their best self. I would be honored to belong to a group that values all of these things.

ALEASHA: I recently relocated to Charlotte and I’d like to connect with people who are positive and have a purpose

NYSS: I love empowering women and I love being empowered by women. I hope to add value and gain value to the group.

DIANE: I enjoy being a part of a positive women’s group. I feel that I have a lot of wisdom, and knowledge to appropriately add.

CHERYL: Make quality friendships and add value to each other’s lives- In turn inspire others.

Visit ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions’ | Charlotte Meetup portal for more details, that includes RSVP of this FREE women’s social event, location and more.

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