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Sisterhood Social Distancing Series | Social Consciousness And Community Responsibility: Best Practices For Life-6 FT Or Die

What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned, when it comes to social consciousness and community responsibility, not everyone is on the same page.  You really have to be your own advocate to ensure your personal safety. While there is overwhelming evidence that COVID-19 kills indiscriminately, not everyone believes protocols are necessary to safeguard from infection. As such, 6 FT or Die is my reality check mantra for maintaining safe distancing.

Social Consciousness

I have taken ‘Social Distancing’ seriously since day one. However, I noticed when out and about walking the dogs, or shopping for groceries, not everyone was convinced there was a need for six feet of separation as a responsibility of social consciousness. As such, I found myself participating in what I’ve dubbed, uncomfortable spacing.

To avoid close contact less than six feet, I began the practice of uncomfortable spacing or quickly moving away from people I passed. I literally turned my back on individuals to prevent shared breathing space. Unfortunately, that was not enough. People looked at me as though I was being unreasonable in my efforts to stay safe.

My response, I created the first T-Shirt in what I am now referring to as the ‘Sisterhood Social Distancing Series’ of Merchandise.  When I sat at my computer and made the first design, I was not thinking about style rather functionality. So my first T-Shirt was was ‘Social Distancing’ 6 feet, with a line separating two ambiguous figures.  In addition, to draw attention, the whole design was very colorful.

As the threat heightened with more loss of life due to COVID-19, the majority of people I encountered while grocery shopping had facial protection. What I found baffling, shoppers with no face guard felt the need to come right up next to me. My response, I created a design that was more in your face if you will. The design ‘6 FT Or Die’ is intentionally direct. This decision after close encounters and a conversation with a masked worker who made the statement, ‘I don’t want to die’.

Community Responsibility

Make it easier to let people around you know you practice safe distancing of six (6) feet or more. Support social consciousness and practice community responsibility while out shopping for groceries and other necessities. Wear or sport our customized civic inspired ‘Sisterhood Social Distancing’ gear found exclusively at Sisterhood Share Shop,  and help eliminate the need for uncomfortable spacing while out in public places.

Sisterhood Social Distancing Merchandise

Visit our Youtube playlist for our ‘COVID-19 Educational Video Series’ Coronavirus: Sisterhood Safety Tips From Across The Globe for other ways to stay safe during this Global Pandemic. We will continue to upload videos we believe may be helpful throughout this social health crisis.
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