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Sisterhood Sharing Sessions | Social Distancing Sisterhood Style: Virtual Face To Face

Social Distancing

Virtual face to face is fabulous for social sisters. Be safe during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Practice social distancing ‘Sisterhood Style’. Connect regularly with your girlfriends, sisters, and other family members for a  social health check on how they are doing at a distance. Visit close contacts through your favorite video calling platform during stay-at-home orders that have been implemented across the country to help keep you safe from COVID-19 exposure. 

Social Responsibility

Make it easier to let people around you know you practice safe distancing of six (6) feet or more. Support community consciousness and practice social responsibility while out shopping for groceries and other necessities.

Sisterhood Social Distancing Merchandise

Wear or sport our customized civic inspired ‘Sisterhood Social Distancing’ gear found exclusively at Sisterhood Share Shop,  and help eliminate the need for uncomfortable spacing while in public places. Read the backstory behind the branding Social Consciousness: 6FT Or Die-COVID-19 Kills.

Visit our Youtube playlist for our ‘COVID-19 Educational Video Series’ Coronavirus: Sisterhood Safety Tips From Across The Globe for other ways to stay safe during this Global Pandemic. We will continue to upload videos we believe may be helpful throughout this social health crisis.

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