Easter Holiday Traditions: Colored Eggs And Chocolate-Covered Bunnies

Easter Holiday Traditions
Easter Holiday Traditions | Colored Eggs And Chocolate-Covered Bunnies
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What I’ve Learned

Easter Holiday Traditions | Colored Eggs And Chocolate-Covered Bunnies

What I’ve learned, while Easter is a Holiday that traditionally recognizes the Resurrection of Christ for Christians, it had multiple meanings for me as a Child. My Childhood memories were of Colored Eggs and Chocolate-Covered Bunnies, Peter Cottontail, and Easter Egg Hunts at school, and dressing-up in our Sunday best for Church services. On occasion, me and my Sisters had nice new frilly dresses and shiny black shoes to wear to what was referred to as ‘Easter Sunday’, and our Grandmother might slip me and my Siblings a couple of coins for the offering tray. If she didn’t have a close eye out, only half went on the Silver plate, and the remainder went to the local candy merchant around the corner.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Holiday Traditions
Easter Holiday Traditions | Easter Egg Hunt

The school’s ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ was the highlight of the school day, and was greatly anticipated by me and all of my classmates. School work was the furthest thing from our minds. We all stood dutifully in line as our teacher provided each of us with ‘Easter Baskets’ lined with hunter-green and wheat colored artificial grass. If we were lucky, our tightly weaved baskets would soon be filled with decorative eggs from a successful hunt.

Gather Around The Kitchen Table

Color Easter Eggs
Gather Around The Kitchen Table | Color Easter Eggs

Of all of the different events that surrounded Easter, my absolute favorite was when me and my Siblings would gather around the Kitchen Table with Mother and color eggs together. This activity was like an art class, and my Mother was the instructor. She started each of us off with a couple of hard-boiled eggs of our own. There were bowls of different colors we could choose from to paint our eggs. The process included an apparatus that balanced the egg while you dipped it in the paint color of your choice. After your egg dried, the coolest part, you wrote your name on the egg. The pin appeared to be magic. Your name was invisible upon writing, and it slowly became visible. After admiring the colored eggs for a while, we cracked them open and devoured them.

This Easter, remember the magic.

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