Sisterhood Shares Best Safety Devices For Personal And Home Proctection

Safety Devices
Safety Devices For Personal And Home Protection
Power Of Women | Sisterhood Sharing Sessions: Safety And Security-Best Safety Devices For Personal And Home Protection

What I’ve Learned

We are living in interesting times. Safety and security has become an important component in our day to day lives. What we previously considered a safe place to go or gather without thought, such as Shopping Centers or a simple walk along the Greenway, has become a cautionary contemplation instead. What I’ve learned, when it comes to safety, be prepared for anything.

Safety Devices

During a ‘Sisterhood Sharing Sessions Meetup‘, guest speaker CMPD Officer K. Brooks and the ladies in attendance shared information and personal experiences about safety devices for personal and home protection.

Pull-Pins And Pepper Spray Safety Devices
Pull-Pins And Pepper Spray Safety Devices

Pull-Pins And Pepper Spray

Among the safety options for personal protection, pepper spray and portable Pull-Pin Alarms as distraction tools. Officer K. Brooks talked about how each of these devices are good to have when out and about. As to which is best, she says “It’s whatever makes you comfortable”, focusing on preference for safe use. She cautioned, which ever you choose, practice use and be prepared to execute or take action without hesitation. The CMPD Officer also cautioned, nothing is guaranteed. Pepper Spray devices may not spray, or may inadvertently spray in your eyes. The sound range for Pull-Pins may be out of ear shot. Be aware, and Know The Differences In Pull-Pin Devices.

These items can be purchased usually for under $10 at any Walmart or online at Amazon.

Security Screen Doors

Security Screen Doors
Security Screen Doors

Equipping your home with external ‘Security Screen Doors’ with deadbolt locks may operate as a deterrent for any would-be assailant. During the ‘Women’s Safety And Security Meetup’, one of the ladies in attendance shared her story about the added safety of having ‘Security Screen Doors’ as a buffer into the main entry into her home. Not only did it make her feel more safe, but she shared how her home along with a neighbor with the same security doors, were passed over when a slew of robberies occurred on her block during the new development construction of their community.

The price tag for external security doors vary, but should start from approximately $100 and up. Installation will increase cost. The security doors are likely to be found at your local Home Depot, Lowes, or any ‘Do It Yourself’ stores.

Home Safety Alarms | RING Video Doorbell

RING Video Doorbell | Home Security Device
RING Video Doorbell | Home Security Device

The ‘RING Video Doorbell security system has been all the buzz recently. A CMPD Officer shares successes Police have had in capturing criminals due to the device, stating “We love RING” during Sisterhood Sharing Sessions Women’s Safety Meetup. During that same session, a participant shared a statement from her husband as it related to the type of security for their home, declaring, “All we need is RING”.

‘RING Video Doorbell’ is a Home Security System that seemed to come out of nowhere and began popping up in homes everywhere. The videos of visitors captured on the device has become all the rave on YouTube and other Social Media outlets, as owners proudly showcase and share suspicious activity happening outside their door. Not all that is captured is to catch a criminal however. Many videos have been of the cute and curious nature as animals enter into the vicinity of the video lens.

RING Video Doorbell has various pricing based on which devices you choose. The Doorbell Pro is approximately $250, and is a slimmer model than its original version. RING now offers a monitoring system.

What Makes You Comfortable

In addition to devices noted above, participants at our Women’s Safety And Security Meetup also shared safety tips regarding motion lights outside of home and timers inside the home. There are many ways to secure your person, and your home. Think deterrents and distractions, investigate and choose what makes you comfortable, were the general sentiments of CMPD Officer K. Brooks.

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