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Sisterhood ‘Spiritual Health’ | Part 4-Sisterhood Health And Wellness 4-Part Series-Women Sharing Knowledge Meetup: October 24-Guest Speaker, Author Cheryle Ricks


We live in uncertain times that may call for guidance beyond our understanding as we grapple with a worldwide Pandemic. The world is collectively experiencing a health crisis like nothing we have witnessed in over a century according to news reports. This health threat brought on by COVID-19 does not only have the potential to attack the body for those who test positive, but the protocol to physically distance for safety limits social interactions, causing the potential for additional stress in people’s lives. Being separated from loved ones has been a quiet storm for many who are struggling to make sense of it all, and find ways to navigate through a new normal as this social epidemic weaves its way in to disrupt our physical, economic, and spiritual health.

As dire as it may all seem during a time of multiple uncertainties, social unrest, economic instability, in addition to coping with a Coronavirus outbreak, there are always beautiful moments to be found in every aspect of living regardless of what is happening around you or in your life. Healing and hope are on the horizon.

During our ‘Spiritual Health‘ Sisterhood Sharing Session, we will focus on what we can all do daily to lift our spirits and deal with whatever is in front of us with hope, rather than fear.


Our Sisterhood Share Club is proud to have inspirational Author, Cheryle Ricks as our guest speaker for our fourth and final session of our ‘Sisterhood Health and Wellness 4-Part Series’ on women’s health.

Cheryle Ricks-Author

Cheryle is the Author of  ‘Sister Circle: The Power of Sisterhood’.  We are excited to have her join our ‘Spiritual Health’ session Saturday, October 24, 2020, to talk with our Contributors about her book, and share her ‘Life Lessons Learned’ on  “How to keep living when life gets hard”, an excerpt from her second book. To learn more about Cheryle and to preview more of her work prior to our Meetup, visit our Sisterhood Sharing Sessions Meetup Events Portal.

Sisterhood Health And Wellness 4-Part Series

The Month of October will be our official ‘Sisterhood Health And Wellness’ 4-Part Series. Each Saturday during the month of October, Sisterhood Sharing Sessions will offer virtual and in-person outdoor physical distance wellness events for our Sisterhood Share Club ‘Contributors’ to come together to share, learn, participate and support best practices for staying healthy.

Make plans to participate. Schedule and details below:

Health And Wellness Events

Part 1-Sat Oct 3-Social Health-The quality and quantity of our interactions with others affect our mental and physical wellbeing (HIF Australia)

Part 2-Sat Oct 10-Healthy Eating-Partnered with ‘Healthy For Life’ community, a division of the ‘American Heart Association’ for tips on eating habits that support heart health

Part 3-Sat Oct 17-Heart Health Walk-Partnering with ‘American Heart Association’ for Virtual Walk (Participate wherever you are)

Part 4-Sat Oct 24-Spiritual Health-‘Sisterhood Share Club’ guest speaker, Author Cheryle Ricks will share insights on her books

Virtual Experience

This event will be a virtual session with the use of the ZOOM application. Access to the link will be made visible and available only upon RSVP through our Sisterhood Sharing Sessions Women Sharing Knowledge Meetup portal.


Sisterhood Sharing Sessions, Inc, is a non-religious, non-political organization. As such, we do not sponsor, endorse, or promote any specific religious protocols. The views of our speakers are their own, respectfully. Our format values inclusiveness. Session topics are informational and educational only, with a goal of providing a platform to share knowledge from personal ‘Life Lessons Learned’ that may empower and inspire.

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